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Mbour is a coastal city located in the Thies region of Senegal, known for its bustling fish market, beautiful beaches, and vibrant community. It is the largest fishing site in the country and serves as a major economic center in the region.

Tips for expats in Mbour

Visa requirements

Citizens of many countries can obtain a 90-day tourist visa on arrival in Senegal. For longer stays or work permits, consult the nearest Senegalese embassy or consulate.

Language resources

French is the official language of Senegal, but Wolof is also widely spoken. Learning basic French phrases is helpful, and language schools are available in Mbour and Dakar.

Cost of living for expats in Mbour


Housing in Mbour is quite affordable. A room in a shared house can cost around $150 to $250 per month, a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $300 to $450, a two-bedroom apartment is between $450 and $650, and a three or more bedroom house ranges from $650 to $1,000 per month.


Groceries in Mbour are fairly cheap. A week's worth of groceries for a single person can cost around $30 to $40. This includes fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, and meat. Imported goods and luxury items may be more expensive.


Transportation in Mbour is inexpensive. A one-way ticket on local public transport, such as sept-place (shared taxis), usually costs around $0.50 to $1.00. Motorbike taxis (ndiaga ndiaye) are also available and are slightly cheaper. Taxis are widely available, but tend to be more expensive.

Climate in Mbour

Mbour experiences a tropical wet and dry climate. The city has two main seasons: a dry season from November to May and a wet season from June to October. The average temperature ranges between 20°C (68°F) and 31°C (88°F) throughout the year.

Job market in Mbour

The job market in Mbour is vibrant, with key industries including fisheries, tourism, and agriculture. Other opportunities can be found in the service sector, such as retail, hospitality, and education. Teaching English as a foreign language is also a popular option for expats.

Healthcare in Mbour

Mbour has a number of healthcare facilities, including private clinics and a regional hospital. For more specialized care, the capital city, Dakar, is about 80 kilometers away. It is recommended that expats have international health insurance to cover potential medical expenses.

Transport in Mbour

Mbour's public transportation system includes sept-places (shared taxis), motorbike taxis (ndiaga ndiaye), and regular taxis. The city is well-connected to nearby towns and Dakar via bush taxis and buses.

Safety in Mbour

Mbour is generally considered a safe city, but it is always important to take general safety precautions. Petty theft can occur in tourist areas, and it is advisable to avoid deserted areas at night. The crime rate is lower in residential neighborhoods such as Salinadiougou and Somone.

Neighborhoods in Mbour

  1. Nguetingueye

    A lively neighborhood close to the city center, Nguetingueye is known for its bustling market, local eateries, and friendly community.

  2. Salinadiougou

    This area is popular among expats for its peaceful environment and proximity to the beach. It offers a variety of housing options and is close to international schools.

  3. Somone

    A coastal suburb of Mbour, Somone is known for its picturesque lagoon and beautiful beach. It is a popular destination for tourists and expats looking for a tranquil living environment.

Attractions in Mbour

  1. Mbour Fish Market

    Experience the lively atmosphere of Mbour's bustling fish market, where local fishermen sell their daily catch.

  2. Joal-Fadiouth

    Visit the nearby city of Joal-Fadiouth, known for its unique shell-based buildings and the stunning Island of Fadiouth.

  3. Salinadiougou Beach

    Relax and enjoy the sun at Salinadiougou Beach, a peaceful and less crowded alternative to Mbour's main beach.

International Schools in Mbour

  1. George Washington Academy


    An American-style international school offering education from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.

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