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New Zealand, famously known as 'Aotearoa', is a beautiful and peaceful country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Nicknamed as the 'Land of the Long White Cloud', New Zealand is a developed sovereign country comprising two main islands, both of which are remarkably beautiful and diverse in terms of landscapes, cultures, and economies. Rated as one of the most livable places on earth, New Zealand provides a picturesque backdrop for expats to thrive and enjoy a high quality of life. With its stunning mountain ranges, alpine lakes, rolling hills, pristine beaches, and lush forests, New Zealand boasts a captivating and captivating landscape that is both serene and spectacular. Additionally, New Zealand is renowned for its friendly and hospitable locals, who offer a warm welcome to newcomers. Prepare to immerse yourself in a community filled with kind people who prioritize personal freedom, respect, and authenticity.

New Zealand

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Demographics of New Zealand:

Ethnic groups

Asian: 12.1%

Other: 3.3%

Māori: 6.7%

European: 70.2%

Pacific Islander: 7.4%


English (99%), Māori (used by some 175,00 people, mainly Māori-speaking communities but also in schools, universities, government and commercial settings)

Religion Overview

New Zealand is a secular society with a diverse population that encompasses a range of religious beliefs. Although Christianity has a prominent history in New Zealand, the country has a growing community of people from different religions.

Major Religions


New Zealand has a temperate climate with mild temperatures, making it an ideal place to live all year round. The country enjoys moderate rainfall, making it easy to cultivate crops and providing favourable conditions for the growth of plants and trees. The southern half of the country experiences cooler temperatures and higher rainfall, while the northern region is drier and more tropical.

Economy Overview

New Zealand operates as a developed economy with a thriving service sector that contributes significantly to the GDP. Agriculture also plays a crucial role in the economy, with dairy farming, meat processing, and sales of agricultural products being the major contributors to export earnings.

Key Industries

  • Tourism
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Financial services

Major Companies

  • Spark
  • Air New Zealand
  • Auckland Airport
  • Port of Tauranga
  • Genesis Energy

Culture and Language Overview

New Zealand's unique mix of cultures is a result of the historic meeting of the indigenous Maori with colonizing Europeans. Maori culture has a significant influence on New Zealand, shaping everything from the country's arts and entertainment to its cuisine.

Cultural Highlights

  • Celebrating Easter with hot cross buns, hot croquettes and lamb on a spit
  • Experiencing Maori culture in the National Maori Arts and Crafts Institute in Rotorua
  • Enjoying the flavours of New Zealand cuisine, such as Pavlova, fish and chips, and Kāpitsi's Bullice cheese
  • Witnessing the breathtaking natural beauty of Milford Sound
  • Exploring world-class museums and art galleries in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin

Geography and Landmarks Overview

New Zealand's enchanting landscapes, which include vast mountain ranges, alpine lakes, rolling hills, and pristine beaches, offer an unrivalled backdrop to exploring and adventuring.

Notable Landmarks

  • Milford Sound
  • Rainbow Mountain
  • Waitomo Caves
  • Pulpit Rock
  • Tongariro National Park

National Holidays

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Waitangi Day (February 6)
  • Good Friday and Easter Monday
  • Anzac Day (April 25)
  • Queen's Birthday (first Monday in June)
  • Labour Day (fourth Monday in October)

Political Stability

As a nation, New Zealand has a stable political framework, providing a safe and secure environment for expats. The country has a parliamentary system of government and operates as a constituent monarchy with the New Zealand Queen serving as the head of state. In the 2021 New Zealand general election, the New Zealand Labour Party led a coalition government, while Jacinda Ardern serves as Prime Minister. On a global scale, New Zealand plays a leading role in international affairs and actively participates in multilateral organizations like the Commonwealth of Nations, the Pacific Islands Forum, and the ASEAN Regional Forum. In 2021, New Zealand maintained adequate vaccination rates and continually addressed global health concerns, exemplifying strong political leadership and stability.

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